How to Unsend an Email in Outlook

Unsend an Email in Outlook

Unsend an Email in Outlook …!, Have you ever clicked the “send” button on an email only to realize a short time later that you mistyped the recipient’s name or address? You’re not alone, so don’t worry. Popular email software Microsoft Outlook has a life-saving feature that lets you Unsend an Email in Outlook.

In order to assist you reclaim control over your communication, we will walk you through the process of recalling an email in Outlook in this post.

Unsend an Email in Outlook
Unsend an Email in Outlook

Unsend an Email in Outlook can help you avoid embarrassing errors, inaccurate information, or sending private information to the wrong people.

You may quickly and easily fix these issues with Outlook’s recall feature or Unsend an Email in Outlook. To make your communication more efficient and error-free, continue reading to find out how to cancel an email send in Outlook.

Benefits & Advantages:

  • Retain Professionalism: Avoid sending emails with mistakes or inappropriate content, maintaining a professional image.


  • Correct Mistakes: Fix errors in your emails even after clicking the send button.


  • Save Time: Prevent the need for follow-up emails or explanations due to mistakes.


  • Protect Privacy: Ensure confidential information is sent only to the intended recipients.


  • Improve Communication: Enhance your email correspondence by sending accurate and well-composed messages.


  • Microsoft Outlook installed on your computer.
  • An active email account and an internet connection


So, from here onwards the solution will starts as in the form of different methods of tutorials which will lead you to know, How to unsend an email in Outlook.

Tutorial 1:

This is the first approach/ tutorial method which it involves taking simple, basic steps that allow to know, How to unsend an email in Outlook

Step 1: Open the Microsoft Outlook Sent message window

Outlook sent message window
Outlook sent message window

Step 2: Click on 3 dotted lines à choose actions à and then select Recall message

Recalling message
Recalling message

Step 3: Then select the First option à and then click on Ok button

Confirming the recalling message
Confirming the recalling message


Tutorial 2:

If the above tutorial does not work for you, try this alternative solution, which we will hope this method surely going to solve your problem as it is in a simple following step, which will lead to know, How to unsend an email in Outlook

Resending a Corrected Email

Step 1: After recalling the email, make the necessary corrections to the content.

Step 2: Compose a new email with the corrected content.

Step 3: Attach any files or documents if needed.


Tutorial 3:

If the earlier tutorials does not work for you, try this another and final strategy, which will aid in this way because it is in simple steps that will lead to understanding, How to unsend an email in Outlook

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Step 1: Double-check recipients before sending an email.

Step 2: Use the Delay Delivery option to give yourself a grace period for corrections.

Step 3: Enable the Undo Send feature in Outlook settings for an extra layer of protection.


The Unsend an Email in Outlook option offers a safety net that can help reduce the stress of making mistakes when sending emails, which can occasionally be a nerve-wracking experience.

You may confidently send emails by following the easy instructions provided in this article since you will be able to correct any mistakes that may happen. Utilize this effective tool to improve communication and uphold professionalism in email interactions.


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We want to express our appreciation to all of the readers who got something out of this essay. In the modern world, clear and correct email communication is essential, and the capacity to unsend emails can significantly improve clarity and accuracy.

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