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Sim Contacts Not Showing On Redmi 4 And Other Xiaomi Phones

Sim Contacts Not Showing On Redmi 4 And Other Xiaomi Phones.

Hi Mi Users, Hope You Are Fine

Mi Smartphone has reached to the top list of Smartphone market segment and day by day its user base is growing strong.

Sim Contacts Not Showing On Redmi 4 And Other Xiaomi Phones

Xiaomi is a Chinese Company. The Company launched its first Smartphone in August 2011, and it instantly gained market share in China to become the Country’s largest Smartphone Company in 2014. Mi currently has 20000 Employee’s in China, India, Malaysia, and Singapore and is also expending to other Countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, and South Africa.

Now let’s move to the main topic, as per today’s post we are going to tell you how to show Sim Contacts On Redmi 4 And Other Xiaomi Phones. Many users who have just bought Xiaomi Phones, this problem occurs. This is a sad thing, you bought a new Phone but contact not showing on the first day. Many users wanted to replacement, they think that problem on their Phone.

Don’t worry, this is not a defect on your Phone, this is a nothing problem, we are going to solve this below. No matter which model number of Xiami you are using. It may occur any model of Xiaomi phone. This is a Phone function given by Xiaomi. By default, Xiaomi Provide on those Devices to show only Phone contacts on Phonebook. You have to enable sim contact visibility on the contact settings. Follow below steps, how to show sim contacts in Phonebook on Redmi 4 and other Xiaomi Phones.

How to show Sim Contacts On Redmi 4 And Other Xiaomi Phones

Steps to Display sim Contacts on Phonebook:-

1)Go To Settings:-

First, go to the setting of your android mobile.

Remember, for every mobile they have their own different setting interference, so you have to follow the tutorial differently based on your mobile brand.

2) Go to System Apps:-

After going to settings of your mobile, inside setting you will get the System Apps option, if you do not get then search carefully and see all the option inside setting then you will get surely and click on it to go to System Apps.

3) Go to Contacts Option:-

After going to System apps of your mobile, inside System apps you will get the Contacts option, click on it to go to Contacts Option.

3) Go to “Show Sim Contacts” Option:-

After going to Contacts option of your mobile, inside Contacts option you will get the Show Sim Contacts option

4) Tap to Enable Show Sim Contacts:-

After getting the Show sim contacts option, Click on it to make it Enable

After doing the above steps, your Sim Contacts will be visible on your Phonebook.


Remember:- These steps performed on MIUI 9.  If you are on a different MIUI Version, then you have to find “Show Sim Contact” option under Contact App On the System Apps list.

If you are happy or have any issue after using those steps, please write a review below in the comment box……..Thanks from S.M Zakaria Laskar

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