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How to speed up my Android Mobile

Hi Android Users! Here i am going to share with you How to speed up my Android Mobile, Its very painful problem when your mobile become slow even if you have enough RAM And free Storage. A Slow Smartphone is a sad thing for every Smartphone user. It is slow because of low-end or it was fast at starting and it got slow down when it got older. It can be fixed. Here we want to share with you 5 important tips that can boost your Smartphone speed.


#1) Uninstall/Disable Un-Necessary installed Apps

Sometimes we keep install some Un-necessary apps which we never use. They run in the background and take internal storage, Ram, Processor. They make Smartphone too much slow day by day. So need to un-install them. Try to keep installed those apps which you need.

  • Open Settings
  • Tap to installed Apps list
  • Click to uninstall and uninstall individually



#2) Turn off Animation scales

Animation looks nice when we navigate our Smartphone, But, they can delay and slow. We can improve our Smartphone speed by disabling them.

  • Turn on your Developer options
  • Open Developer options
  • Scroll down
  • Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale and Animator duration Scale
  • Click to each and turn off them individually

To keep Animations disabled remember to leave Developer Options turned on. If Developer option off it will reset Animations back to default settings.


#3) Keep Software up to date

Most of the time mobile developers also contain Bug fixes and performance enhancements they can significantly speed up devices operation. That’s why Software update is a important factor. Always keep Software update on the latest version.


#4) Close Apps and free up Ram

Stop background (Running Apps) which are taking lots of Ram. It will Give smooth performance by individually closing them. Keep too many programs at same time run on the background will slow the device. So stop them which Apps are consuming too much Ram.


#5) Reboot Your Device

For a slow Smartphone it is a quick tip to restart it. Phone may getting too much slow, if you are using your phone from a long time.


**** If you like or have any issue after using our tips write review below in comment box******* THANKS

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