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How To Fix Redmi Note 4 Automatically Rebooting/Restarting Problem

How To Fix Redmi Note 4 Automatically Rebooting/Restarting Problem

Hii MI Fans, Hope you are good, Today I am going to share with you How To Fix Redmi Note 4 Automatically Rebooting/Restarting Problem. How-To-Fix-Redmi-Note-4-Automatically-Rebooting-or-Restarting-ProblemXiaomi Smartphone has reached to the top list of Smartphone market segment and day by day its user base going strong. It is a Chinese company. They launched their first Smartphone in August 2011. They launched many high featured Phones with the low budget.

Redmi Note 4 is one of them. Redmi Note 4 launched in Aug 2016. The Phone comes with a 5.5-inch Touchscreen Display with a resolution of 1080 Pixels by 1920. The Redmi Note 4 is powered by 2 GHz Octa Core Processor and comes with 2 different variants 3 GB Ram with 32 GB Internal Storage and 4GB Ram with 64 GB Internal Storage. Although the Phone runs smoothly with the processor and Ram. Some Redmi Note 4 users facing Automatically Rebooting/Restarting Problem on their Phone.

Why Redmi Note 4 Automatically Rebooting/Restarting Problem occurs:-

When many Apps installed on your Phone or when your Phone got old, the Processor takes heavy use. These cause on Phone Restart and the hanging problem also. I m also using Redmi Note 4 (3+32 GB variant) since last 8 months. It never happened to me, my Phone keeps working smoothly. My Phone currently has 60+ installed Apps including PUBG Mobile, Clash of Clans, NFS Shift, which Apps are the hunger for Battery and take heavy usage of Processor. I am using some ticks and tips on my Phone. These can keep my processor and ram cool and calm. These tricks can save your Phone from hanging and automatically Reboot/Restart problem.

How to Fix Redmi Note 4 Automatically Rebooting/Restarting Problem

Following are the Important keys to solve this problem.

  • 1)Update your Phone

System Update is an important factor of your Smartphone. System Update brings a newer look to your Phone, fixes bugs, solves most heating and hanging problem and gives you faster and improved performance.

  • 2)Restart your Phone at least twice a week

There are many reasons to restart your Smartphone. It is Machine, it needs rest to work smoothly. Processor and Ram can regain their power to work normally. Lagging, Hanging, auto restart problem also be fixed. So, remember to restart the Phone at least twice in a week.

  • 3)Update your all Apps regularly

Update your all Apps to the latest version via Play-Store. This is because every update brings new features, some bug fixes, performance improvement. These can save your Phone from hanging, lagging auto restart.

  • 4)Do a factory reset

If Above mentioned tips didn’t work go for this. A factory can fix your Smartphone from restarting itself. Factory reset will erase all your Phone data including Contacts, emails, MI Account etc. So, remember to backup them and then you should go for Factory Reset.

After using the above things if your Redmi Note 4 still Restarting, please visit your nearest Xiaomi Service Centre.


After using these tricks if my tricks fixed your Redmi Note 4 Restarting Problem or have any issue about these, please write a review below in the comment box.


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